Gun squirts stem cells

RenovaCare products are under development and not approved for sale in the United States. Results my vary from person to person. Symbol: RCAR; www. These graft surgeries create large secondary wounds. Stem cells are delicate and can be easily damaged by conventional spray methods. These pumps use mechanical compression, generating turbulent forces which can thrash and damage the cells.

This gun can heal burns in just days

This gun can heal burns in just days - Mega Doctor News

Researchers have developed new technology that may significantly improve the healing process of burn victims. The technology would probably not have been able to save Jack Pearson from This Is Us, but future versions may go beyond skin repairs and patch other organs and internal injuries caused by exposure to fire and smoke. RenovaCare is the startup that developed the SkinGun, a device that uses stem cells to regenerate new skin for burn victims. The procedure involves harvesting a small patch of healthy skin from the victim, Sutava explains.

New stem cell gun can revolutionize skin burn treatment



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