Stone penis sculptures

A Bronze Age stone penis once used for sacrificial fertility rituals has been uncovered in Sweden. The carved phallic statue stands erect at nearly 2 feet 52 centimeters high and has been linked to a Bronze Age fertility cult that existed between 1, and BC. Phallic stones aren't uncommon but it is rare to find one so closely modeled on the real thing. A report in The Local SE says the stone may have been weathered into its phallic-shape over the years and that the finished design we see today had been reinforced by people to look like a penis and Ms.
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Stone Phalluses of Pompeii

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Stone Phalluses of Pompeii – Pompei, Italy - Atlas Obscura

The truth is that gay men and artistic sculptors across cultures and throughout history have depicted penises in different sizes and for different historical reasons. Though they had seen nothing like it, researchers thought it might have also been used to chip flakes of flint or shape stone, as one end of the implement was sharp and pointed. Maybe both? Though some historians say the column represents a spine holding the cosmic chakras energy centers rather than a penis, many natives of India consider it a giant penis sculpture. From the Middle Kingdom era to the New Kingdom era, Min the Egyptian god of fertility and male sexuality rose into prominence, commonly depicted as having one hand holding an upside-down, V-shaped flail commonly understood to represent a vagina and his other hidden hand holding his erect, circumcised penis. He became popular in pharaoh coronation ceremonies because his blessing was believed to increase fertility ensuring a bountiful harvest and to guarantee that a man would father an heir, a must-have for divine rulers. His worshippers sometimes rubbed Egyptian lettuce on their skin until its leaves released a semen-like fluid onto their skin.
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Prehistoric Stone Penis Penetrates Through Time

But just northeast of the building, there it is: a inch stone phallus known as Kharkhorin Rock, standing alone in the middle of a dusty patch of ground, protected by a small fence. The answer is steeped in centuries of legend. The story goes that there was once a monk who swore to be celibate, but was secretly a womanizer.
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They appear in the sky when least expected, grandiose artistry undertaken by daring pilots willing to risk it all. Decorations of them adorn Porta-John walls around the globe with more vigor than a Clark Griswold Christmastime display. They are penis etchings, the longstanding pride of the United States military. Militarized affinity for phallic scribbling, however, dates back long before the first illustrations were ever fashioned by uninterested American service members — so long, in fact, that European expansion to North America was not yet even an idea. Among the scrupulously carved Roman compositions was a distinctly identifiable phallus, which researchers from Newcastle University say served as a sign of good fortune during the period.
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